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Skeletons and apples, by Tara Baoth Mooney

A wonderful performance from poet / artist Tara Baoth Mooney. Her poem Skeletons and Apples is performed here with trademark emotion and verve – thank you Tara.

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Smugglers and Spies, by Helen Pinoff

Something I really enjoy about writing is that I can walk in someone else’s shoes for a while. In this poem I am a boy adventuring with his holiday-park friend in a seaside town not far from here.

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Macular Melancholia, by Fiona Meehan

I find myself fascinated by the way our bodies, our eyes adapt to change. This poem reflects how sight and light shift in response to the inescapable advance of macular degeneration, painting a whole new Picassoesque world.

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First, a memory, by David Horn

This piece was long-listed for the FISH flash fiction price, 2020. It came from recalling some really vague memories as a child – the spilt sugar bowl and my mother’s blue coat, and extrapolating a fictional situation from that. It’s amazing how a smell or a memory of touch can take you places.

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Wild Henry, by Chris Sparks

From a series of poems Chris is currently working on, Wild Henry is fierce burst of a poem. And special thanks to Chris for providing an audio file of the poem so we can hear him read it!

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Down By The Glenside, by Monica Corish

This story was inspired by three carved mice, a writing prompt offered to the Bundoran Writers Group a few years ago. It draws on fragments of my family history – my maternal grandfather was involved in the Irish War of Independence (1919-1921) and spent time on the run from the Black and Tans.

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Trieste, by Tom Sigafoos

It is a measure of [James Joyce’s] faith in himself and sense of purpose that, during those angry, anarchic months when his “home” – rooms shared with two babies, an angry wife, and a resentful brother – was in an uproar, he recast Stephen Hero into Portrait of the Artist, conceived Ulysses and Exiles, and finished “The Dead.”
– Brenda Maddox, Nora – The Real Life of Molly Bloom

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Down Mexico Way, by David Horn

Down Mexico Way is one of a series of stories featuring two young boys, Frankie & Alex. Set during the 80’s with the two lads just starting secondary school. This story started life in our Kinlough writing group and received an honourable mention in the 2019 Fish Flash Fiction prize and was subsequently published in that years’ anthology.

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